About the fund

The Fathom Fund is a MEOPAR-led crowdfunding program supporting innovative research that will directly impact Canadians. Our program provides up to 75% of funding required (up to a maximum of $37,500), if campaigns raise the remaining 25%. Once campaigns are posted to the platform, your dollars help us decide which projects will get off the ground. The Fund complements MEOPAR’s portfolio of research projects.

We encourage applications for smaller projects that do not tend to receive funding through Open Calls; new researchers still building the academic experience to receive larger awards; and students with innovative ideas who can take a fully-funded proposal to their chosen supervisor. To learn more about our program and how to apply, please read our FAQ, and contact MEOPAR with any questions.  



MEOPAR funds research, trains highly-qualified personnel, develops strategic partnerships, and works to support knowledge mobilization in marine challenges and opportunities for the benefit of the Canadian economy and society. As a Network, MEOPAR’s strength lies in our connections—to researchers, partners, organizations and communities, all of whom have an interest in learning more about the risks and opportunities in the marine environment.